Welcome to the Lynnwood Canucks Hockey Club

The Lynnwood Canucks Initiation and Novice hockey teams are community league teams made up of children between the ages of 4 and 8. We are one of two remaining communities left in Edmonton where our children get to play with new and old friends, regardless of skill for their love of the game.

On top of our regular schedule, the teams meet Tuesday and Thursday evenings to practice on the outdoor rink. Many families will lace up and either help out on the ice or skate around on the side rink. On the main rink, the Initiation kids love the chance to play with the “big boys and girls” and the Novice kids get a kick out of showing off their skills to the next generation. After practice the kids come off and enjoy a cup of steamy hot chocolate together.

In a hectic world where many people don’t always get a chance to take the time to get to know the families they spend every weekend with, these practices give us all a wonderful opportunity to get to know other kids and families from Lynnwood and surrounding communities. The friendships and support networks that develop are invaluable and the sense of community goes far beyond hockey. ​

Visit the Lynnwood Canucks website for more information.