West Edmonton Playschool

West Edmonton Playschool is a non-profit parent cooperative that is located in the Lynnwood Community Hall.

Our playschool focuses on providing enrichment and fun learning experiences for children! With our learn-through-play philosophy, children develop their social skills, gain confidence and independence which helps them be ready for the transition to kindergarten.

The program includes: Free Play, Pre-Literacy, Early Numeracy, Kinder Cook, Gym and Outdoor Play, Field Trips, Science, Craft Time, Spanish and Yoga.

Our Teacher Mrs. Maria Cyre, and our Teacher’s Assistant Mrs. Teena Tesluk believe is their obligation to aid in developing compassionate and independent youth who are enthusiastic about learning. They excel at making each day an opportunity for discovery, and they do this by pouring their hearts into what they do… and it shows!

For more information, please visit our website, or phone us at 780-918-1115.

You can also follow us on Twitter @WestEdmPS or Like us on Facebook.